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Easter Wedding Inspiration with Norwegian Traditions

Over Easter I had this inspirational shoot published on, but I'm just now getting to blogging it on my own. You can see it on Ruffled here...  

I grew up in Norway surrounded by rich traditions, breathtaking nature and minimalistic design. I wanted to do a shoot reflecting all three. With Easter and Spring here, I wanted to convey the mood of new beginnings and life so we brought in a 2 week old baby goat. In the past, a wedding in Norway would last for days, and the bride’s family would entertain and house all the guests. The bride would traditionally wear a costume called a bunad which was different depending on which which county you are from. This bunad is from the northern part of Norway and the crown belongs to the Romeriks bunad. The first bridal crown was made in the 1500s and became a symbol of purity. It is still not unheard of for a Norwegian bride to wear a bunad and bridal crown on her wedding day.


A sweet tradition that Norwegians still honor is the “morgengave”. Back in the day, the groom would give his new wife a gift of money the morning after the wedding night. This was form of insurance from the husband in case the wife could not have children and therefore didn’t have the right to inherit after her husband. Now, the new husband and wife exchange something like a watch, jewelry, boudoir pictures, or something meaningful.

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Isabel Johansen Photography
Floral Design: Amber Reverie
Wedding Dress: Claire Pettibone
Hair and Makeup: April Benincosa
Ring: The Land of Salt
Crown: Gullsmed K.E. Sando
Goat: Burr Family Farm
Wedding Cake: Flour and Flourish Cake
Table: Restoration Hardware
Dinnerware and Flatware: Crate & Barrel
Silk Ribbons: Silk and Willow
Studio: TravisJ Studio
Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy