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Minimalist Wedding in Mallorca, Spain

So I photographed this dreamy wedding with D'Arcy Benincosa. I've been mentoring with her, and when she told me about the wedding, I jumped on the opportunity to shoot with her. My parents went on their honeymoon to Mallorca back in 1973 and I thought it would be so amazing to go where my parents started their life together.  It was surreal being there where it all began. It had me thinking about how short life really is and how previous generations are really not that far away.  It seemed like forever ago to me because it was before I was born, but while I was there, time seemed to stand still and generations came together like tight bungee cord when it's released, all scrunched together. I lay under the stars on our private balcony one still night and pondered all this. Then of course the bugs got to me and I went inside.

We got to the location of the wedding and started shooting detail shots right away. The florist (or someone) brought flowers for us to make into a bouquet for the bride. I had never made one myself, but had watched a webinar by Tinge Floral on making a flower arrangement, and between D'Arcy and I, we managed to create something we were proud to photograph. The bride was from Germany, the groom from Mallorca, and they lived in Paris, so there was a gathering of people from all over. Everyone at the wedding was so excited and happy. They had cocktails while we shot pictures, then dinner, toasts, and dancing till early in the morning. European weddings are so festive, and I love that.

Florists: Isabel and D'Arcy | The Rest Coming Soon

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